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Here is a very full earthquake from Shasha

Sumatra Earthquake – September 2009
September 30 at 16:10 local time a major earthquake hit the southern coast of Sumatra, Indonesia. The magnitude of 7.6 and the epicenter was 45 kilometres west-northwest of Padang and 220 kilometres southwest of Pekanbaru, Sumatra.Shasha_1.png
Due to this major disaster, about 1,300 people were killed, 1,214 severely injured and 1,688 slightly injured. However, Indonesian officials reported that the total death may be more because of the large number of people trapped in collapsed buildings. Most deaths occurred in the areas of Pariaman, Agam and Padang as per map below.Shasha_2.png
In addition, around 135,000 houses were severely damaged, 65,000 houses were moderately damaged and 79,000 houses were slightly damaged. About 250,000 families and approximately 1,250,000 people have been affected by this major disaster. Furthermore, many hotels in Padang have been destroyed, and communications and transportation systems to the city were disrupted.
There also fires in Padang as the first quake hit. Some water pipes were broken and there was flooding where many panicked residents had run onto the streets. Many large buildings, at least two hospitals and several schools have also collapsed as a result of the earthquake. Teams of rescuers from nearby branches have been deployed to Padang. Indonesian authorities used helicopters to airdrop instant noodles, blankets, milk, and dry food into remote areas, and brought the wounded from these areas to hospitals. Padang's Minangkabau International Airport suffered minor damage, with parts of the ceiling in the boarding area falling down. The airport was closed for two days.
The hospital itself was overwhelmed with patients, and many patients were treated in tents set up outside the hospital. The Indonesian military deployed emergency response teams to remove rubble and tried to recover trapped victims. On October 5, Indonesian rescue workers called off their search for trapped survivors and increased efforts to recover bodies, clear rubble, and provide aid to survivors.
World Vision, Oxfam, IFRC, Muslim Charity and Mercy Corps teams came to provide emergency relief to the earthquake victims. World Vision had airlifted 2,000 collapsible water containers and distributed them immediately to the area most affected by earthquake and also has launched US$ 1 million appeal for the relief effort.
Nearby countries such as Malaysia, Singapore and Thailand Rescue Teams had left immediately to assist in the search and rescue efforts for victims who were trapped under rubble in Padang. The government of Malaysia donated RM 150,000 to respond to this disaster. On October 2, the Malaysian Red Crescent Society deployed a five-member Regional Disaster Response Team consisted of a doctor, a nurse and relief officers to Padang to provide emergency relief. In addition the Mercy Malaysia deployed a surgical and medical team consisting of an orthopaedic surgeon, a general surgeon, an anaesthetist, general practitioners and nurses to treat the earthquake victims around Pariaman in Padang. The team brought along with them surgical sets and primary healthcare kits worth a total of RM 100,000. There was also a medical team sent to the capital of West Sumatra comprising 17 officers from the Malaysian Armed Forces medical corps, 8 officers from Malaysian Health Ministry, 2 officers from National Security Division and non-governmental organisation.
Other countries that came to Padang for help include United Kingdom, United States of America, Korea, Russia, Denmark, Norway, Netherland, Japan, Ireland, Saudi Arabia, Taiwan, Germany, Qatar, United Emirates and Switzerland.


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There are a few very good powerpoints which would be spoiled by turning them into a wiki page. Do take time to download them and have a look

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There are a few very good powerpoints which would be spoiled by turning them into a wiki page. Do take time to download them and have a look