Unit A1: River environments

Special things for those taking exams in 2012

Case studies:
1 Rising demand for water: UK textbook pages:18- 20
2. Large dam or reservoir: Three Gorges: Pages 25 & 26 and also http://ih-igcse-geography.wikispaces.com/1.8+Clean+Water and PP from lesson 6 below.
3. Case study of a flood defense scheme : Bangladesh P30-1 in textbook; also https://lindym.wordpress.com/2011/11/29/bangladesh-flood-management/ a new article added to the blog that gives you enough for 9 marks in a last question

These are the lessons used by the 2011 Exam cohort - you might find some PPs useful but not specifically.

Lesson 1

Objectives: to answer the following questions
  • What is the course all about?

  • How are countries organised by economic activity?

  • What is the hydrological cycle?

  • What is a drainage basin?

PowerPoint for the lesson:
Classwork notes:
The 'Textbook' links

This is the link for part 1 of the homework
the list:

From the lesson

Lesson 2

Objectives: to answer the following questions
  • What is a storm hydrograph?

  • How is its shape affected by its immediate environment?

  • What are the 3 main processes that change the shape of a river channel

  • How do each of these processes work?

PowerPoint for this lesson
Classwork notes:
Homework sheet:
The 'Textbook' links
There some good animations of processes there too

These 2 are the ones for homework but the the last one is the general one which will take you into more material in flash

Other peoples quizzes to help with river processes
HotPots no score kept
Rob Chambers 1
RC 2 just about erosion
RC 3 Just about transportation

Click here for full screen version

Lesson 3

Objectives: to answer the following questions
  • What are the different stages a river course passes through?

  • What features are you likely to find in each?

  • How were some of these features formed?

  • Can you draw and annotate diagrams about them?

PowerPoint for this lesson:
Classwork notes:
Homework sheet:
Textbook wiki

The Durham Grand Canyon This is tiny bit of erosion I told you about in the lesson!

Lesson 4

Objectives: to answer the following questions
  • How can water quality be tested?

  • How can river channel features be measured?

  • How do I form a hypothesis?

PowerPoint for the lesson :
Classwork notes:
Virtual Fieldwork data for those who do not have a river:
Links: the wiki link is http://ih-igcse-geography.wikispaces.com/1.10.+River+Coursework but it needs a bit of updating so do not visit before Monday!
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Still Struggling? Look here for 2 good examples of what is required

Lesson 5

Objectives: to answer the following questions
  • What water is available?

  • Why are some places short of water?

  • What is potable water?

  • How will water use change in India?

PowerPoint for the lesson
Classwork notes:[

Textbook wiki:

Here is an article and a video about Burkino Faso

Lesson 6

Objectives: to answer the following questions
  • What do we use water for?

  • Why is water use changing in India?

  • Why does water pollution happen?

  • How can we keep water clean?
  • What is the Three Gorges Dam for?

PowerPoint for the lesson
Classwork notes:
Short youtube showing the impact from the sir of the Three Gorges Dam
Optional: a note about this edit for the page history log

Lesson 7

Objectives: to answer the following questions
  • Why do floods happen?

  • What are the impacts of floods?

  • How can floods be prevented?

  • How do they manage on the River Tees?

  • Ok, so now I have my data, what do I do with it?

PowerPoint for the lesson:
Classwork notes:
Homework: Each homework sheet may be a bit different as you are doing different things - please make sure you do the questionnaire, so I can ensure you have all you need
No notes on fieldwork – check again with the PP. Use the wiki http://ih-igcse-geography.wikispaces.com/1.10.+River+Coursework

Also http://www.georesources.co.uk/darentfte.htm is a help with describing the methods

Lesson 8

Objectives: to answer the following questions
  • How much can you remember?

  • What are all the words and meaning associated with the hydraulic cycle?

  • What are the features of a river basin?

  • What are the flows, stores, inputs and outputs of the river basin?

  • How does the shape of the hydrograph relate to the activity/structure of the river basin?

PowerPoint for the lesson: Please note this is also 3 weeks worth of PowerPoints - see comment below
Classwork notes:Please note that this set of notes is for 3 weeks, as I am not sure how fast we will be moving through them

Homework: But the homework is for this week only!!


In some I make a mistake in b(ii) - the correction should have said:
Before and after the Hoover Dam, the average is changed a little as it is slightly less erratic down stream from the dam. However the variation from maximum to minimum is very much reduced.
Before and after the Glen Canyon Dam, the variability of the average is reduced further and stays close to 1,000 cumecs.


I am updating the textbook wiki http://ih-igcse-geography.wikispaces.com/ with new stuff but with all those pages, how can you find where I have been?
On the left hand-side, there is a link called RECENT CHANGES. Click on that and you can see exactly which pages I have been fiddling with!

Lesson 9

As I mentioned before the PowerPoint and the class notes will run over 3 weeks.
As for the homework, no written work to give in this week, but you need to learn your KEYWORDS for this section - see the document below.

The emailed River chapter may be of use here?
One neat way, may, is to put them in a game. Here is one example:
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Lesson 10

Nathan's fantastic PP - do look at it for inspiration

For those of you who cannot remember about drip irrigation or Zai holes - here is another example of using water carefully to look at